OFS-Pro­ject - How can organic/biodynamic food systems contribute to the societal transformation towards sustainability?

Project period: 15.01.2020 - 31.07.2022

Project coordination: Dr. Lilliana Stefanovic (University of Kassel)

Project funding: Software AG Foundation

Section's research area: Food System

Project aims: Investigation of the contribution of organic/biodynamic food systems (OFSs) to a societal, agricultural, and trade/consumption transformation towards more environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and healthier lifestyles.

Project description: It is assumed that ecological/biodynamic food systems are already more sustainable than other (conventional) systems, and the project aims to find out why and how/where exactly. The investigation is based on eleven OFS case studies scattered around the world. The project aims to explore three key aspects of social change: 1) what drives people; 2) what determines peoples relationship (internal and external motivations); and 3) how the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are addressed. A systems approach is used which places people at the center and integrates people of practice into the research. The methodology is based on the mixed methods approach. The individual case studies of the selected OFSs play a central role. Among others, the following qualitative and quantitative methods are used: online surveys, expert roundtables, exploratory Skype interviews, semi-structured interviews and on-site observations, on-site focus groups, group discussions, etc.

Cooperation partners:

  • OFSP
  • Sweden (BERAS International)