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We focus on the investigation of the influence of soil structure and its dynamics on water and matter fluxes in soils at different spatial scales ranging from single aggregates to field plots. For this we use state of the art soil physical measurement techniques (soil mechanics and hydraulics), modern non-invasive tools (X-ray microtomography) combined with quantitative image analysis and models (e.g. Hydrus) to assess the stability and transport functions of soils. Aim of our research is to evaluate the effect of different soil management systems (conventional/conservation tillage, organic farming practices, etc.) on soil physical quality and its impact on water fluxes, water use efficiency and ultimately plant growth. A further research interest is the regeneration of degrades soils and soil conservation.



Wie Wassertropfen den Boden vera╠łndern from Ines Reinisch on Vimeo.


A film about the power of raindrops and mulch as a protective shield, filmed with a high-speed camera.