2013 International Conference on renewable energy technologies in Pakistan

Energy  needs  are  indelibly  linked  to  Pakistan’s  economic  and
sustainable growth capabilities. Pakistan has been in increasing
demand across various areas of energy sources. Given the need
for  energy,  the  Government  of  Pakistan  is  doing  its  utmost
efforts to explore and promote renewable energies and energy
efficiency. Potential for almost all types of renewable energies
exists in the country viz. solar (PV and thermal), wind, biogas,
micro-hydel/canal-fall,  biodiesel  production,  biomass/waste
to energy production, geothermal, tidal/ocean energies etc. On
an average solar global insolation 5–7 kWh m -2  day-1 exists in
the country over 95% of its area. Wind speed 5–7 ms -1  persists
in coastal regions of Sindh and Baluchistan provinces and in a
number of North-West Frontier Valleys. According to a survey,
Pakistan possesses more than 20,000 MW of economically viable
wind  power  potential.  Moreover,  720  million  kg  day -1   animal
dung can produce 1243 MW of electricity while 81 million tons
of  biomass  can  contribute  significantly  for  energy  production
without harmful effects on the environment. The International
Conference on Renewable Energy Technologies would go a long
way in the mitigation of energy deficient scenario in Pakistan. 

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International Conference on Renewable Energy Technologies in Pakistan