Implementation of strategy plans of EU and comparisons

Background: With the CAP the EU changed what it calls the delivery model of agricultural policy. Member states have a greater role and are more independent in determining policies. This provides ample opportunities for research to describe, explain, evaluate and compare approaches to deliver EU agricultural policies. This concerns administrative routines as much as it concerns distribution of responsibilities but also opportunities and risks of agricultural policy in the EU. Work can take place at the level of farmers, German Länder, member states of the EU as well as stakeholders and how they try to influence the way the EU and member states shape policies. The work should be focussed on a particular aspect of the CAP, e.g. organic farming, agroforestry, direct payments and ecoschemes, peatland protection, etc.

Aim: To describe, explain and evaluate the new delivery model of the European Common Agricultural Policy in relation to a specific policy. Also, an important question how the new delivery model performs in administrative practices and how it affects the roles of different policy makers. In this regard, comparisons across Germany and the EU are warranted.