Transformative elements of the CAP and their potentials: UTP Directive, producer organization, Leader, Eco Schemes, agglomeration bonus, etc.

Background: In recent years the European Common Agricultural Policy adopted new types of regulations and policies many of which seem to reconfigure the role of actors in farming, food systems and rural areas. Thus, to different degrees they could be understood have aiming at a transformation of the farming and food system. However, often the devil is in the detail and we need to understand better how these rules play out in detail and what their effects are in fact.

Aim: This work aims to describe and evaluate the type of transition/ transformation potentials that different novel elements of the European CAP and their transposition in EU member states has, including effects on the ground. These questions could be addressed looking at the Unfair Trading Practices Regulations, regulations and support of producer organizations, eco-schemes, the LEADER scheme, etc.