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The Department of Solid Structures deals with questions on fundamental problems of reinforced and fiber-reinforced concrete, especially with regard to components made of ultra-high-strength concrete with combined reinforcement, masonry under seismic loading, and special areas of the foundation of offshore wind turbines.

The focus is on the following research topics:

  • Tensile behavior of UHPC with combined reinforcement of fibers and steel bars.
  • Bottle-shaped compression fields
  • Compressive-transverse tensile strength of unreinforced/reinforced or combined reinforced concrete slabs
  • Flexural strength of UHPC with combined reinforcement
  • Shear force bearing behavior of UHPC with combined reinforcement
  • Anchorage and spanning of non-prestressed reinforcement in UHPC
  • Experimental and numerical investigations of reinforced UHPC components under pure torsion
  • Punching shear behavior of slabs made of UHPC
  • UHPC reinforcement in columns of normal strength concrete

Other research fields of the department include the topics:

  • Nonlinear calculations of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and comparison with tests on structural members.
  • Structural members made of high-strength concrete (HPC) and ultra-high-strength concrete (UHPC)
  • Applications of concretes in the foundation of offshore and onshore wind turbines
  • Concrete structures for environmental protection
  • Material models (e.g. multi-axial behavior of fiber reinforced concrete)
  • System identification of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
  • Non-destructive testing methods
  • Innovative production technology
  • Cracking behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
  • Earthquake resistance of concrete and masonry structures
  • Composite construction
  • Cracking problems in solid structures
  • Supervision/monitoring of prestressed concrete bridges