Veranstaltete Tagungen und Moderationstätigkeiten

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  • Local Transport Days 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019, conference management, moderation of individual lecture blocks
  • Oberhavel Transport Talks 2022, conference management and moderation
  • Workshop passenger and customer information of the initiative digital networking in public transport (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure), moderation, 2018
  • VDV Summer University Public Transport 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, event management (together with VDV).
  • Workshop for the conclusion of the research project "NRVP 2020 - What costs do different means of transport really cause?" of the University of Kassel and DVWG, conference management and moderation, 2017
  • Workshop on the research project "GetMobil" of the University of Kassel, moderation of the session "Potentials and obstacles of integrated ridesharing", 2017.
  • German Mobility Congress 2016, moderation of the session "Innovations in public transport".
  • 2nd Workshop "Housing and (Electric) Mobility", session management and moderation, 2016.
  • Symposium "NRVP 2020 - What are the real costs of different transport modes?" of the University of Kassel and DVWG, conference management and moderation, 2015
  • 1st workshop "Housing and (electric) mobility", conference management, moderation of a world café, 2015
  • Workshop "Building a panel data set on sustainable consumption", moderation of the discussion on the methodological approach to build a panel data set, 2015.
  • University Conferences on Transportation, moderation of the session "Mobility Behavior and Surveys" at the 2014 conference, moderation of the session "Public Transportation" at the 2011 conference.
  • 12th Hessian Mobility Congress 2014, moderation of the workshop "Sustainable Mobility through Shared Transport".
  • Bahnhofsstraße Gifhorn, interim presentation of proposals for the redesign of Bahnhofsstraße, chairing and moderating the jury session, 2013
  • Expert workshop in the context of the research project "Environmental and cost benefits of selected innovative mobility and transport concepts in urban passenger transport / effects of environmentally oriented transport concepts on the municipal budget", conference management and moderation, 2013