Viktoria Scheff M.Sc.

Research associate

Universität Kassel
Mönchebergstraße 8a
34125 Kassel

Room 1040
Fon: +49 561 804-3984

Research interests

My research is about thermal utilization of biogenic residues and waste materials, which can be used for high-quality energy conversion in biomass furnaces. Thereby, a contribution to energy production from renewable sources as well as to resource conservation of primary biomasses can be made. In my work I focus on the ash melting behaviour, since the low melting temperatures of biogenic residual and waste materials lead to considerable damage due to slagging and corrosion processes in combustion plants. The most important methods within my research work are experimental investigations of fuel properties in laboratory and pilot plant scale (fuel analysis, heating microscopy, combustion tests), correlation and material flow analyses.