Maintenance and Post-Strengthening of Structures

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In the first part of the lecture, basic knowledge of building materials and types of construction that are no longer in common use today will be taught. These include masonry arches and historical roof structures as well as hollow core slabs and reinforced concrete structures that were reinforced with steel I. Special features of the structural analysis of existing structures, the evaluation of interventions in the load-bearing structure, and the design and dimensioning of strengthening measures are dealt with in detail.

After being introduced to the procedures of damage assessment and documentation, typical damage patterns and their causes are explained in a second part of the lecture. Based on this, the topics of evaluation and repair of cracks, supplementation of material loss, repair and replacement of overloaded components as well as questions of structural repair are dealt with in detail.


  • Master Civil Engineers
  • 8th semester (summer)
  • Elective subject
  • 6 ECTS (2 SWS)
  • Admission requirements and examinations according to the module handbook and the notice at the department.



Lecture notes, old exams and further information can be found at . The course password (if available) will be announced in the lecture.