The laboratory for research and education as part of the Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering is focused on chemical analysis. The lab is responsible for the analytics in research projects and also offers events for students in research and teaching.

It is located in a separate building on the ground of the sewage treatment plant of Kassel. This place offers perfect conditions for the operation and the maintenance servicing of testing facilities to do research in the field of wastewater treatment techniques.

The extensive knowledge and infrastructure are the basics to find solutions for  individual questions from private and public clients. Sample measurement of drinking water, surface water, wastewater and sludge is based on standardised methods.

The lab is also involved in the degree programme Environmental Engineering. For example, the personnal is responsible for the student work on the laboratory scale of the lecture water chemistry.
Furthermore, the students can get assistance for their student research projects.

As an external offer, the laboratory offers a trainee programme for the staff of sewage treatment plants in agreement with the DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste).

The list of analysis shows the complete range of the routine tests. If necessary, the routine methods will be adapted or new methods will be developed.

List of analysis (german)

The laboratory practical training within the scope of the lecture water chemistry takes place once a year in the laboratory of the department.

Project, bachelor, and master theses with focus on a laboratory scale can be done with support of the personnal.

  • Analysis based on DIN/EN
  • Monitoring of test plants in industrial, pilot plant and laboratory scale
  • Ascertainment of cleaning capacities for sewage treatment plants
  • On-site measurement programs, also of several days' duration
  • Test stations for standardised and modified test procedures
  • Test stations for the measurement of process parameters
  • Oxygenation measurements

    Head of Laboratory

    Ursula Telgmann

    +49 561 804-3468