The Department of Sanitary Engineering offers its courses in FB 14 within the scope of

  • the bachelor's and master's degree programs in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering
  • as well as the Master's program Mobility, Transport and Infrastructure (MoVIn).

In addition, it offers courses for the following other degree programs or departments:

  • for the master's degree program re² (FB 15)
  • for the study programs in industrial engineering with a focus on water and the environment (FB 07)
  • for the Master's program in Sustainable Management (FB 07)

The teaching at the department covers the entire technical breadth of urban water management. The focus is on a research-oriented education with intensive inclusion of the specific problems of engineering practice.

The courses include the following topics:

  • Drinking water production, treatment and distribution
  • Water chemistry
  • Water infrastructure systems
  • Process engineering in wastewater treatment (municipal, industrial)
  • Modeling and simulation in wastewater engineering
  • Energy from wastewater systems
  • Sewage sludge treatment and disposal
  • Planning, construction and operation of urban water management systems
  • Laboratory and field practicals

Further detailed information on the lectures of the department (dates, announcements, etc.) can be found in the respective Moodle courses.