Research at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management is carried out with regards to both basic oriented and application oriented aspects. Basic oriented research aims at a better understanding of fluid mechanical processes, in particular regarding the operation of hydraulic structures and/or river development. The main focus is the development and improvement of methods, tools and models, which serve to identify the impact of different measures and to provide a basis for later implementation concepts. Focuses are the development and implementation of one, two and three dimensional hydrodynamic-numerical methods to simulate the open channel hydraulic flow, the improvement of the pre- and postprocessing in terms of use in practice, the use of physical models and the realisation of field investigations.
The range of application is manifold. It can vary from river basin modelling to near field analysis of hydraulic structures.
Application oriented research deals with hydropower and navigation, flood protection and flood risk management, river development and river basin management, operation of impounded river systems and adaption to climate change.

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