Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Image: Paavo Blafield

In the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management conducts physical model experiments on hydraulic research issues and offers students in hydraulic engineering and water resources management the opportunity to investigate hydraulic phenomena on practical test rigs.

The Hydraulic Engineering Labor­at­ory with its approx. 1200 m² area offers enough infrastructure to realize hydraulic, morphological and limnological projects and research projects. In addition, the Labor­at­ory  has two tipping flume with a flow rate of 1000 and 100 l/s, respectively, as well as seven smaller test rigs to illustrate the teaching content and to investigate hydraulic engineering issues (e.g. bedload test rig, dam test rig or turbine test rig). Physical models of real river sections including the associated hydraulic engineering facilities (power plant, weir, ...) are also investigated, which are equipped with extensive measurement technology to determine significant flow parameters.