Vitor Cantarella

PhD Student | Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Mönchebergstraße 8a
34125 Kassel

Research focus  (Vitor Cantarella)

I am currently a doctoral researcher with a research focus in hydrogeology who is interested in understanding subsurface processes through models. As part of the DFG-funded Secunda project (collaboration between the Universities of Kassel, Tübingen and Vienna) I work on developing reactive transport models to better quantify and understand the physical controls on the natural attenuation potential of aquifers to reduce nitrate.

I have previous experience with groundwater flow modelling using MODFLOW and AEM (analytic element method) in addition to fieldwork experience, water sample collection analysis and interpretation, GIS, scientific programming, data analysis, and pumping tests.

I am a passionate supporter of the open-source scientific community and coding solutions to improve current hydrogeological workflows.

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