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Wir sind ein universitäres Zentrum der Nachhaltigkeitsforschung im Kassel Institute for Sustainability.

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  • 06.02.2024 Dynamics of Norms in Decision-Making

    A Psychological Analysis Combining Theory, Experiment, and Social Simulation So far, there is a lack of understanding how norms change. The aim of the present dissertation was twofold: (1) addressing differences between change processes of different types of norms and (2) focusing more…
  • 30.01.2024 The Effects of Norms on Environmental Behavior

    The study of norms is of paramount importance in understanding human behavior. An interdisciplinary literature, using varying definitions and conceptions, shows when and why norms emerge and spread, what form they can take, and how they are enforced. Here, we focus on theoretical and empirical…
  • 16.01.2024 Convenient solutions, inconvenient truths – Why supermarkets will not drive food system transformation

    Supermarkets play an important role in industrialized food systems, which is why many in academia, politics, industry, and civil society view them as key players in transforming the food system toward greater sustainability. We analyse narratives and proposed solutions in this context, as well as…
  • 30.11.2023 Umweltverhalten mit Hand und Fuss(-abdruck)

    Die Klimaerwärmung stellt Gesellschaften ebenso wie Individuen vor bislang völlig unzureichend gelöste Probleme. Nullemissionen von Treibhausgasen sind zwar notwendig und werden politisch auch angestrebt, dennoch steigen sie immer schneller an. Um eine Transformation zur Nachhaltigkeit zu erreichen,…
  • 02.11.2023 Water quality footprint of agricultural emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and glyphosate associated with German bioeconomy

    Fertiliser and pesticide application can cause extensive environmental damage. We use the water quality footprint to express nitrogen, phosphorus and glyphosate emissions from agriculture in volumes of water needed to virtually dilute pollution and apply the approach to agricultural imports for the…