Quantum Technology

The "Quantum Technology" focal point, introduced in 2017, deals with the application of quantum effects for the realization of technological objects that cannot be achieved with classical methods. In combination with nanoscale manufacturing techniques, solid-state quantum systems can be fabricated to realize customized quantum technologies. Ion trap-based quantum systems enable the generation of high-quality quantum bits. This is the ideal test platform for new quantum technologies. A further focus is on atomic machines with which quantum resources can be used more efficiently. A single-ion heat engine has already been successfully implemented for this purpose. However, since this quantum technology does not scale well with an increasing number of qubits, it is necessary to transfer the proven concepts to other quantum systems. An important goal of the focus of quantum technology is therefore the construction of scalable quantum information platforms. One approach is to combine rare earth molecular quantum systems with photonic systems to realize and integrate a scalable quantum system. The focus can draw on broad expertise in physics, chemistry, and electronics. A synergy of theory, numerical methodology and experiments is required to develop new quantum technologies.

Head of the research focal point

Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer

full member

Singer, Kilian
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