Multiscale Bioimaging

The focal point "multiscale bioimaging" serves as a platform of interactions and initiatives at the interface between the life sciences and physics, material sciences and engineering. It is derived from the former focal point “biosensing” that served to develop methods and technologies with which biological processes and substances (biomarkers, metabolites) can be detected and analyzed. These can be used as biomedical markers for diagnostics in HIV, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and personal health monitoring, reflecting the societal trend of near-patient diagnostics in the medical field. The new focal point 'multiscale bioimaging' aims at combining the expertise of biologists and physicists to engage in the structural and functional analysis of biological systems. The objective within this focal point will be to develop novel methods for imaging biological systems in a dynamic fashion over different time scales and up to nanoscale resolution in space. The life sciences laboratories contribute biological questions concerning samples from the organismal to the atomic level and covering dynamics that range within very short to long time scales.

Head of the research focal point