Materials science and materials technology in the fields of natural and engineering sciences have gained significantly in importance in recent years. The focus is primarily on the basic characterization of the structural composition of materials at the nanostructural level, on which the chemical-physical and mechanical properties depend. In addition to the characterization of materials at the nanoscopic level, the development, manufacture and processing of construction and functional materials using nanomaterials is a central point of the activities of the nanomaterials focal point. Based on the sum of the corresponding initiatives and the largely radiant visibility of the topic, the University of Kassel has set the topic of molecular, nano and micro components for multifunctional materials, building elements and systems as one of two main research areas. The focal point nanomaterials includes the activities of the CINSaT on the subject of materials research.

Head of the research focal point

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Middendorf

full member

Universität Kassel
Fachbereich 14 - Bauingenieur- & Umweltingenieurwesen
Institut für konstruktiven Ingenieurbau
Mönchebergstraße 7
34125 Kassel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Niendorf

full member

Niendorf, Thomas
+49 561 804-7018
+49 561 804-3662
Universität Kassel
Fachbereich 15 - Maschinenbau
Institut für Werkstofftechnik / Metallische Werkstoffe
Mönchebergstraße 3
34125 Kassel