Cleanroom Facilities

In the INA we operate a 400qm area of different cleanroom classes, which we would like to introduce here briefly.

Class 10.000 Cleanroom Section

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The class 10.000 cleanroom section is primarily for our plasma facilities for deposition (MBE, PECVD, evaporation) and etching (RIE,ICP) of thin films. As all samples are sealed from the outside atmophere during transport, the „least clean“ cleanroom class 10.000 can be accepted for this purpose. The processes themselves take place inside the vacuum chambers of individual facilities.

Other tasks, which are performed here are "wet chemistry" and the characterisation of surface structures by means of contact profilometry, white light interferometry oder ellipsometry.

Class 100 Cleanroom Section

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The class 100 cleanroom section is reserved for lithography. This sensitive step in the fabrication of any sample defines all structures later to be found on the sample.

Class 1 Cleanroom Section

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As one of very few university institutes the INA has got a class 1 cleanroom section. This very clean section has an own airlock and is the location of an Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition (IBSD) machine built by Roth & Rau.