Laboratory Facilities


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The Chemlab at INA is mainly intended for the preparation of samples and materials needed for the running fabrication processes. Two fume hoods are available to ensure a particle-free working environment and safe working conditions.

Besides the supplying function, also some fabrication steps, which do not require the highly clean environment provided by the cleanrooms, are run here.

This includes etching of PCS and galvanic process for application of thick gold-coatings to semiconductor samples.

Electronics Lab

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The electronics lab at INA provides extensive equipment for the contacting of devices and the creation of the required circuitry.

In particular, there is the possibility of fabricating a vast amount of electric circuits from simple test-setups made from discrete devices to equipping self fabricated PCSs with SMD components. Even wirebonding of individual non housed devices can be done.

An extensive variety of components allows special adaption to almost any application.

The possibility of electronic characteristion reaches from the measurements of surface and bulk resistance by means of microprobers up to sophisticated dynamic measurement methods like relative intensity noise (RIN).

Optics Lab

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Our optics lab is designed for the characterisation of optical properties of devices. We have the possibility to investigate self fabricated devices as well as commercially available components in respect to optical properties like transmittance, reflectance and absorption.

Measurement setups for transparency and reflectance measurements on samples, as well as near and far field measurements on VCSELs, and a setup for the characterisation of tunable optical narrow band filters are available on several optical tables.

The setups are implemented in ray- as well as in fiberoptics and so provide most flexible possibilities to adapt to individual measurement requirements.

Besides equipment for characterisation, also eqiment for higly precise alignment and assembly of optical systems is provided here.