Kılıçkan, Merve

Merve Kılıçkan is a PhD student at INCHER and the Institute of Economics at the University of Kassel. Merve completed her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master's degree in Economics at Yeditepe University in Turkey. Her research interests include knowledge economics, technology transfer, and historical economics. Her PhD project focuses on knowledge production enabled by high-skilled immigration, institutionalization, and science and education policy, particularly the role of higher education for the generation and the diffusion of knowledge.



Inal, Vedit; Kılıçkan, Nur Merve (2021): Refugee Scholars of the 1930s and the German Contribution to the Development of Economics in Turkey. In: Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies 23 (2), S. 283–300. DOI: 10.1080/19448953.2020.1867809