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INCHER Compilation of Journals and Abstracts

Selected journals and abstracts for Higher Education Research and Science Studies – Vol 2013 - 2022

The Research Information Service (RIS) of INCHER provides a compilation of academic journals’ contents since publication year 2013. This useful information tool for researchers also provides as a “side effect” an overview of the latest topics of higher education research and science studies.

Currently 40 firmly selected academic journals are evaluated for the Compilations. Updates and gradual revision of back issues are proceeded quarterly. Since publication date 2021 not only contents of international journals are listed, but regional publications, mainly in German, as well.

The annual collection ranges from dedicated higher education research journals to sociological, organizational sociology, labor market-oriented, theoretical, empirical and practical contributions to studies of higher education and the science system.

For 2021 ff. contents of the following journals are listed (Back issues will be updated and completed gradually.):

International academic journals (in alphabetical order):

Comparative Education

Comparative Education Review

European Journal of Education

European Journal of Higher Education

Globalisation, Societies and Education

Higher Education

Higher Education Policy

Higher Education Quarterly

Innovative Higher Education

Journal for Labour Market Research

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management

Journal of Higher Education, The

Journal of Praxis in Higher Education

Journal of Research in International Education

Journal of Studies in International Education


Organization Studies

Perspectives. Policy and Practice in Higher Education

Policy Reviews in Higher Education

Quality in Higher Education

Quantitative Science Studies

Research Evaluation

Research in Higher Education

Research Policy

Review of Higher Education, The

Science and Public Policy

Sociology of Education

Studies in Higher Education

Tertiary Education and Management


Regional academic journals (mainly in German, in alphabetical order):

Beiträge zur Hochschulforschung

Das Hochschulwesen. Forum für Hochschulforschung, -praxis und –politik

Die Hochschule: Journal für Wissenschaft und Bildung

Forschung. Politik - Strategie – Management

Hochschulmanagement. Zeitschrift für die Leitung, Entwicklung und Selbstverwaltung von Hochschulen und Wissenschaftseinrichtungen

Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung in Einrichtungen der Lehre und Forschung. Forum für Führung, Moderation, Training, Programm-Organisation

Qualität in der Wissenschaft. Zeitschrift für Qualitätsentwicklung in Forschung, Studium und Administration

Zeitschrift für Beratung und Studium. Handlungsfelder, Praxisbeispiele und Lösungskonzepte

Zeitschrift für empirische Hochschulforschung

ZFHE - Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung



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The production of the annual bibliography as PDF has been ceased by 2021.


Zotero Group Library

The full datasets of back, recent and forthcoming issues are provided as an Open Access bibliographic database or so called Public Group Library in Zotero, named INCHER Compilation of Journals and Abstracts (supposed to be continuously revised and updated).

You are welcome to use and share this database and its options for individual inspection and further processing.

Open Access Datasets (until 2019)

As long as there are remaining back issues in the Zotero Group Library Open Access datasets are provided via Zenodo. In addition to the original publication this allows for individual processing and evaluation of the publication data.

Compilation 2019 (as of August 2020) [Data set]. Zenodo.https://zenodo.org/record/4244370

Compilation 2018 (Version revised, as of August 2020) [Data set]. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4244415

Compilation 2017 (Version revised, as of August 2020) [Data set]. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4244460

Compilation 2016 (Version revised, as of August 2020) [Data set]. Zenodo. doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4244488

Compilation 2015 (Version revised, as of August 2020) [Data set]. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4244502