E-Learning and Teaching


The GPN designs a number of E-learning tools and materials which can be used not only by partner universities but other higher education institutions in the South.

Below you will find the e-learning videos produced by the GPN and recordings of our previous events.

GPN E-Lec­tu­res

GPN Pu­blic Talks

GPN-re­la­ted Pu­blic Talks

GPN Con­fe­ren­ces

GPN Kick-Off Con­fe­rence 2020 - Full Re­cor­ding

This is complete coverage of a GPN Kick-off conference that includes the presentation of the GPN and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gathseni.

On­line Ma­te­ri­als from the GPN Net­work

Pod­cast: On trans­for­ming food: voices from the (batt­le)fiel­ds

The podcast features combative voices from those working in the various parts of the food sector - mainstream, emergency and charity, and alternative.

initiated by Dr. Patricia Northover (UWI, Jamaica) and Dr. Képler Aurélien (ICKL, Haiti)