E-Learning and Teaching

The network will collaboratively develop the curriculum of an MA programme development studies focused on partnership and establish a joint degree between some of its universities. It will also design a number of E-learning tools and materials which can be used not only by partner universities but other higher education institutions in the South as well. For this, it will draw on the expertise of the university and civil society partners. Fellowships for MA students will be provided as well.

GPN E-Lec­tu­res

Fi­nan­ce and De­ve­lop­ment

by Juvaria Jafri (Wan­ga­ri Maat­hai Vi­sit­ing Pro­fes­sor Professor 2020/21)

GPN Pu­blic Talks

Dr. Ana Ago­s­ti­no: Post De­­ve­­lop­­ment, po­­li­cies, and the sustai­na­­bi­­li­­ty of life

Pu­blic Talk (Ma­ri­a­so­le Pe­pa): Chi­na-Af­ri­ca Agri­cul­tu­ral Co­ope­ra­ti­on and South-South Co­ope­ra­ti­on

GPN-re­la­ted Pu­blic Talks


GPN Kick-Off Con­fe­rence Full Re­cor­ding

This is complete coverage of a GPN Kick-off conference that includes the presentation of the GPN and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gathseni.

On­line Ma­te­ri­als from the GPN Net­work

Pod­cast: On trans­for­ming food: voices from the (batt­le)fiel­ds

The podcast features combative voices from those working in the various parts of the food sector - mainstream, emergency and charity, and alternative.

initiated by Dr. Patricia Northover (UWI, Jamaica) and Dr. Képler Aurélien (ICKL, Haiti)