The Employment Challenge: Towards a Trade and Currency Regime for Decent Work

Project Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer
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Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Herr
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Prof. Dr. Simone Deos

Prof. Dr. Ana Rosa Ribeiro de Mendonça

Dr. Adriana Nunes Ferreira

What kind of trade and currency regime is most conducive for a Decent Work agenda

Expected Contribution to the Decent Work Agenda:

We attempt to identify an employment creating trade and capital account regime that does not rest on a downward push of working conditions and wages but adheres to the ILO’s ´Decent Work` agenda.

Brief Description of Research

We will investigate the relationship between trade and capital account liberalizations, and employment creation that does not rest on a downward push of working conditions and wages. We will ask to what extent trade and capital account liberalizations have been an obstacle to employment creation and a more equal income distribution. Are there differences in impact for countries according to their position in the international division of labour?