2nd Workshop

Development and decent work in India and South Africa - Tata Institute of Social Science, India, 3-4 December 2010

Workshop Papers:

Comparing and connecting India and South Africa: A concept paper on economic security
Edward Webster (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
<media 1742 - - "TEXT, 2nd Workshop Mumbai Eddie Webster, 2nd_Workshop_Mumbai_Eddie_Webster.pdf, 570 KB">Paper</media>

Employment Guarantee in South Africa: A case study of the Community Work Program (CWP) in Munsieville, Johannesburg
Khayaat Fakier and Themba Masondo (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
<media 1745 - - "TEXT, 2nd Workshop Mumbai Fakier and Masondo, 2nd_Workshop_Mumbai_Fakier_and_Masondo.pdf, 747 KB">PowerPoint Presentation</media>

Working Life of Street Vendors in Mumbai
Debdulal Saha (TISS, India)
<media 1746 - - "TEXT, 2nd Workshop Mumbai Saha, 2nd_Workshop_Mumbai_Saha.pdf, 203 KB">PowerPoint Presentation</media>

Work and Livelihood Strategies in Johannesburg and Mumbai: The struggle for urban space
Abhishek Sawant (TISS, India)
<media 1747 - - "TEXT, 2nd Workshop Mumbai Sawant, 2nd_Workshop_Mumbai_Sawant.pdf, 1.2 MB">PowerPoint Presentation</media>

NREGA in India – looking at the world´s largest public works program and its impact on the rural poor (Summary)
Mona Meurer (University of Kassel, Germany) 
<media 1743 - - "TEXT, 2nd Workshop Mumbai Mona Meurer, 2nd_Workshop_Mumbai_Mona_Meurer.pdf, 338 KB">Paper</media>        <media 1744 - - "TEXT, 2nd Workshop Mona NREGA, 2nd_Workshop_Mona_NREGA.pdf, 273 KB">PowerPoint Presentation</media>