Research since 2015


Large Research Projects

Small Research Projects

  • <link>Development of Energy Efficient e-pedelec Rickshaw for Income Generation of Rural Community Through Quality and Easier Milk Handling
  • <link international-center-for-development-and-decent-work-icdd research research-2015-2019 development-induced-displacement-and-accountability-in-development-aid.html _self>Development-induced displacement and accountability in development aid
  • <link>Developing a training concept for building sustainability-related capacity among managers in the Bangladeshi garment industry
  • <link>East African Network of Learning of Administrators and Researchers (EANLAR)
  • <link http: einrichtungen international-center-for-development-and-decent-work-icdd research research-2015-2019 _self>Global Agricultural Production Systems (G.A.P.S.)
  • <link>Peri-Urban Regions of Accra and Bangalore: Changing Structure of Economic, Social and Financial Paradigms
  • <link>Power Asymmetry in the Upstream of Agricultural Value Chains (2019-)
  • <link>Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: Voices from Ghana, Pakistan and Kenya (2015-)

Completed Projects

  • <link>Pilot Study: The Boom in artisanal gold mining and its effects on rural agricultural livelihoods in Ghana: A case of Ayanfuri mining enclave
  • <link>Analysis of the effect of socio-productive development programs on the local biocultural heritage and its implications on decent work through a political ecology perspective
  • <link>Neo-Extractivism; Labor Relations and Productivity
  • <link>Organization of informal workers: experiences and challenges
  • <link>Rural-Urban Linkages in Comparative Perspective: Labour and Land in Ghana and South Africa
  • <link>Urbanization of agricultural land, fodder and dairy production, and resource use efficiency at the rural-urban interface in Pakistan and India