Susanne Höckelmann (Organizational matters)


The conference will take place at the central campus of the University of Kassel - "Holländischer Platz" - which is located at the northern edge of the city center.

Campus Map


Detailed information about the conference rooms/locations (will also be part of the conference folder):

Campus Map including conference rooms for download (last update August 19th, 2019)

Flyer "Conference Sessions and Conference Rooms" for download (last update August 19th, 2019)

Flyer "Coffee Breaks/Lunch Breaks/Welcome Reception/Conference Dinner" for download(last update August 19th, 2019)


Overview of the conference rooms/locations:


Lecture Hall 6, Room 2113, Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18
- Sessions "Theoretical Perspectives"
- Keynote Speeches
- CHER General Assembly (CHER members only)


Lecture Hall 5, Arnold-Bode-Straße 12
- Sessions "Methodological Perspectives"


Seminar Room 0005, Georg-Forster-Straße 4
- Poster Session
- Coffee Breaks
Seminar Room 1004, Georg-Forster-Straße 4
- Sessions "Nexus of Theories and Methods
Seminar Room 2004, Georg-Forster-Straße 4

- Sessions "Open Track I"
Seminar Room 3004, Georg-Forster-Straße 4
- Sessions "Open Track II" 


Canteen (Mensa),
Arnold-Bode-Straße/At the corner of Moritzstraße

- Lunch Breaks


Science Park Kassel, Universitätsplatz 12
- Welcome Reception

The Science Park Kassel is integrated on the campus of the University of Kassel. This start-up and innovation center comprising of over 60,000 square feet of office, technical offices with the possibility to install laboratory equipment and workshop space for spin-offs of the Univesity of Kassel and companies wanting to be close to the university.


Alte Brüderkirche, Renthof 3, 34117 Kassel
- Conference Dinner

The dinner venue, a former church, is one of the most spectacular places in Kassel. This place also served as the inaugural venue for the last ‘Docmenta’ – an internationally renowned exhibition of contemporary art – which was inaugurated by the state presidents from Germany and Greece. https://kassel-marketing.de/de/alt-kongresse-und-tagungen/alt-locations/event-locations/bruederkirche