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Program overview sorted by individual tracks (last update August 19th, 2019)
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Keynote Speeches
Lecture Hall 6, Room 2113, Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18

Theoretical Perspectives
Lecture Hall 6, Room 2113, Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18

Methodological Perspectives
Lecture Hall 5, Arnold-Bolde-Straße 12

Nexus of Theories and Methods
Seminar Room 1004, Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Open Track I
Seminar Room 2004, Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Open Track II
Seminar Room 3004, Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Poster Session
Seminar Room 0005, Georg-Forster-Straße 4

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Thursday / Friday (click to jump to the program of the day)

9:00 am

Registration (Coffee)

Seminar Room 0005,

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

10:00 am

Conference Opening

Arno Ehresmann
Vice President University of Kassel

Gaële Goastellec
President Consortium of Higher Education Researchers – CHER

Georg Krücken
Director INCHER-Kassel, University of Kassel

Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18


Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

Lecture Hall 5

Arnold-Bode-Straße 12

Seminar Room 1004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Seminar Room 2004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Seminar Room 3004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Theoretical Perspectives

Methodological Perspectives

Nexus of Theories and Methods

Open Track I

Open Track II

10:30 am

Conventions and
Institutional Logics

Register Data

Potential and Pitfalls of Theories and Methods in Higher Education Research

Critical Perspectives


Chair: Jussi Välimaa

Chair: Jeroen Huisman

Chair: Predrag Lažetić

Chair: Shweta Mishra

Chair: Jens Jungblut

Quality of Higher Education from the Perspective of Convention Theory
Henna Juusola

Expansion of Doctoral Training and PhDs’ Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from German Register Data
Guido Bünstorf, Dominik Heinisch, Johannes König, Anne Otto

Revealing the Heuristic Potential of Recognition Theory in Studying Higher Education: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Pepka Boyadjieva, Petya Ilieva-Trichkova

Mismatch of Career Planning in Master's Program: The Case of South Korea
Soo Jeung Lee, Seungjung Kim, Jisun Jung

Understanding Organizational Responses to Student Diversity – The Potential of Scandinavian Institutionalism
Julia Mergner

The Soft Conditioning Program of Accreditation, Audit, and Evaluation Regimes
Christian Schneijderberg

Assessing the Labor Market Outcomes of Master Degree Holders: The Promises and Challenges of Register Data and Instrumental Variables
Kata Orosz, Viorel Proteasa, Daniela Craciun

Participatory Methodology as a Decolonising Mode in International Research in Higher Education: Potential, Pitfalls, Parity?
Sue Timmis, Lisa Lucas

The Impact of Cultural Capital and Habitus on the Course of Studies
Bettina Langfeldt, Niklas Jungermann

Institutionalizing Strategic Partnerships: Universities Are Becoming Organizational Actors?
Sören Magerkort

Institutional Logics in Joint Doctoral Education Provision between Europe and China
Gaoming Zheng

Removing the Institutional Blind Spots on the Road to Student Success – How a Cross-Cohort Approach Provides Institutional Student Success Rates in Germany's Mechanical Engineering Bachelor and Diplom Degrees
Gerd Grözinger, Sonja Bandorski, Marita Margarita McGrory

Three Moments of Critique: Marxist Method in Higher Education Research
Krystian Szadkowski, Jakub Krzeski

Junior International Faculty Members in Japanese Universities: Internationalisation, Integration, and “Dejimisation”
Thomas Brotherhood, Christopher D. Hammond, Yangson Kim


12:00 noon

Lunch Break

Canteen (Mensa), Arnold-Bode-Straße/At the corner of Moritzstraße

1:00 pm

Keynote Speech
Networks and Topics of Higher Education Intermediaries on the WWW

Achim Oberg

Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

2:15 pm

Governance Regimes

Comparison in
Higher Education Research

Modes of Inquiry for Understanding Higher Education

Diffusion and Its Limits

Aspects of Doctoral Education

Chair: Marijk C. van der Wende

Chair: Jelena Brankovic

Chair: Marco Seeber

Chair: Soo Jeung Lee

Chair: Guido Bünstorf

An Attempt to Conceptual Cross-Fertilization: Bringing Together Historical Events and Inequality Regimes to Analyse Change and Continuity in Higher Education
Gaële Goastellec

International Comparative Higher Education Research on a Shaky Ground: The Constant Balance between Superficiality and Irrelevance
Queenie K.H. Lam

Studying International Doctoral Students: Nexus Analysis as a Qualitative Mode of Inquiry
Melina Aarnikoivu

Research Conditions and Governance Instruments. An International University Survey in Five European Countries
Torger Möller, Jörg Neufeld


Foreigners Graduating from Doctoral Studies in Germany: What Role Do They Play in the German Innovation System?
Guido Bünstorf, Dominik Heinisch, Matthias Kapa

Academic Governance and the Field of Higher Education
Agnete Vabø, Moa Lindqvist, Mikael Börjesson

Developing Indicators for a Comparative Framework of Doctoral Education in the US and Germany
Anne MacLachlan

The Heterogeneity of European Higher Education Institutions. A Typological Approach
Benedetto Lepori

National and Research Field Standards – Investigating Perceptions of Academic Recruitment Processes
Ingvild Reymert, Jens Jungblut, Siri B. Borlaug

Intersectoral Engagement of Doctorands: Regime Discrepancy between the Academic Territories
Saeed Moghadam-Saman

Finding a Future: The Impact of Uncertainty on University Decision Making: A UK Study
Heather Eggins

Comparing University Websites across Countries and Institutions – Methodological Approaches, Challenges and Research Potentials
Predrag Lažetić

Challenges of a Theory-Based Questionnaire Development – Experiences from the National Academics Panel Study
Janine Anna Lange, Almuth Lietz

Translating the Entrepreneurial University in Low Income Environments: The Case of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and Addis Ababa University
Akiiki Babyesiza

Who Plagiarizes? The Predictors of Unauthorized Borrowings in Doctoral Dissertations by Russian Scholars
Aleksandra Makeeva, Mikhail Sokolov, Angelika Tsivinskaya

3:45 pm

Coffee Break

Seminar Room 0005,

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

4:15 pm

CHER General Assembly (CHER members only)

Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

7:00 pm

Welcome Reception

Science Park Kassel, Universitätsplatz 12

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Wednesday / Friday (click to jump to the program of the day)


Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

Lecture Hall 5

Arnold-Bode-Straße 12

Seminar Room 1004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Seminar Room 2004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Seminar Room 3004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Theoretical Perspectives

Methodological Perspectives

Nexus of Theories and Methods

Open Track I

Open Track II

9:00 am

Glocal Higher Education

Roles/Identities of Academics

Politics, Policies and Higher Education

Evaluation and/or Academic Freedom

Governance and
Academic Leadership

Chair: Justin Powell

Chair: Lars Geschwind

Chair: Hugo Duarte Horta

Chair: Susan Harris-Hümmert

Chair: Benedetto Lepori

Globalisation and Differentiation in Higher Education Systems
Frans A. van Vught, Marijk C. van der Wende, Don F. Westerheijden

The Influence of Teaching Motivation and New Public Management on Academic Teaching
Uwe Wilkesmann, Sabine Lauer

Higher Education and Market Exit in the UK
Stephen Hunt, Vikki Boliver

Evaluating the Evaluators: When Academic Citizenship Fails
Katerina Guba, Angelika Tsivinskaya

Governance Relationships at the University Level. An Analysis from the Agency Theory Perspective
Mario Alarcón Bravo

Is There a Chinese ‘Idea of a University’?
Simon William Marginson

Mixed Methods Research of Academic's Knowledge and Technology Transfer Activities
Nicolai Götze, Christian Schneijderberg

“Open UP!” A New Deal for Italian Universities and Academics?
Flavio A. Ceravolo, Michele Rostan, Massimiliano Vaira

The Structure of Recurring Threat to Academic Freedom
Joseph C. Hermanowicz

Academic Leadership Roles and Qualifications: A Look at Canadian University Presidents and Provosts across Thirty Years
Eric Lavigne, Creso Sá

Bridging the Translational Gap the Californian Way – How an Organizational Innovation in University Medical Schools Travels around the World
Jens Jungblut

Exploring the Ways of Studying Academic Identity as a Dynamic Discursive Performance
Sanja Djerasimovic

The (In)Effectiveness of Policies in Regulating Students’ Behaviour – The Case of Access in Portugal
Ricardo Biscaia, Carla Sá, Pedro Nuno Teixeira

The Times Higher Education and the Industrialisation of University Rankings: An Analysis of Social Media Interaction
Miguel Antonio Lim

Scientific Collaboration before and after Government Intervention: Case of Russian Universities
Nataliya Matveeva, Ivan Sterligov, Maria Yudkevich

10:30 am

Coffee Break

Seminar Room 0005,

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

11:00 am

Economics of Higher Education

Review Scientific Production

Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives on Students Experiences in Higher Education

Student and Staff Mobility in Higher Education

Governance Models and Translation Processes


Chair: Maria Amélia Veiga

Chair: Terhi Nokkala

Chair: Roland Bloch

Chair: Ulrich Teichler

Chair: Michele Rostan

Theorizing Economization in (German) Higher Education
Bernd Kleimann

Production of Scientific Knowledge by Universities
Angelika Tsivinskaya, Katerina Guba

Methodological Challenges of Conducting Research on Academic Success and Dropout among International Students in Germany: Reflections from a Mixed-Method-Study
Jesús Humberto Pineda Olivieri

Debating Student Mobility: The Centrality of International Student Mobility in Luxembourg’s Higher Education Policy Discourse
Emilia Kmiotek-Meier, Justin Powell

The Translation of the ESG in Institutional Accreditation Reports
Jeroen H
uisman, Maria Joāo Manatos

Public-Private Partnerships in the Higher Education Industry: Between Commodification and Assetization
Janja Komljenovic

Bibliometric Review: A New Method for Higher Education Research
Isabel Steinhardt

Predicting Dropout from Higher Education – A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms
Andreas Behr, Marco Giese, Hervé Donald Teguim Kamdjou, Katja Theune

“It Is a Parallel Universe I Really Wish to Visit Again”: International Mobility and Networking of Early Career Researchers in Croatia
Bojana Culum Ilic

Governance Model in Russian University: If There is Any Impact of Recent Educational Reforms?
Anna Panova, Maria Yudkevich

Towards a Theory of Rankings
Jelena Brankovic, Leopold Ringel, Tobias Werron

Systematic Review Studies in Higher Education Journals: Evaluating Their Procedural Components
Baris Uslu, Alper Çalıkoğlu

Social Inequalities in Dropout from Higher Education. Combining the Student Integration Model and Rational Choice Theory
Lars Müller, Daniel Klein

The Analytic Borderlands of Student Mobility: Leaving Tajikistan in a Global and National Age
Emma Sabzalieva


Bologna Higher Education Reforms in Lithuania
Liudvika Leisyte

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

Canteen (Mensa), Arnold-Bode-Straße/At the corner of Moritzstraße

1:30 pm

Keynote Speech

Theory and Higher Education Research: Are They Just Loosely Coupled?

Anna Kosmützky

Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

2:45 pm

Actors and Agents

Reflections of Methods in Higher Education Research

Research Methods in Higher Education

Academic Work

Spaces and Frames


Chair: Teresa Carvalho

Chair: Uwe Wilkesmann

Chair: Anna Kosmützky

Chair: Tim Seidenschnur

Chair: Pedro Nuno Teixeira

Actor Constellation and Dynamics in the Higher Education Field: The Contribution of Organizational Change Theory
Emanuela Reale

Exploring Doctoral Employment in the UK: The Value and Limits of Secondary Data Analysis
Sally Hancock

Multidisciplinary Roots of Higher Education Research: An Analysis of Citation Patterns in Journals in the Field
Andrey Lovakov, Maria Yudkevich

Soft Commitments and Reminders: Long-Term Effects on Academic Attainment
Raphael Brade, Oliver Himmler, Robert Jäckle

Shaping and Being Shaped by Space. Some Evidence on Knowledge-Based Inter-Organizational Dynamics from Eastern Piedmont, Italy
Giacomo Balduzzi, Michele Rostan

The Actorhood Imperative. On the Subjectivation of Universities as Organizational Actors
Roland Bloch

Methods for Assessing Competences in Higher Education: A Critical Review
Shweta Mishra, Edith Braun

The Use of Oral History in Higher Education Research – The Case of an Educational Reform in Swedish Engineering Education
Per Fagrell, Lars Geschwind

Research Chair Programs and Scientific Productivity
Creso Sá, Nadiia Kachynska, Summer Cowley, Magdalena Martinez, Emma Sabzalieva

Transformation of Undergraduate Education under Globalization. A Reflection on the Global Studies of Higher Education

Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Don F. Westerheijden, Jorrit Snijder, Sae Shimauchi

Agency Revisited? – A Critical Reflection upon Action-Theoretical Foundations in Studies of Academic Career Trajectories and Dynamics
Antje Wegner

Does Psychological Counseling Reduce the Gender Gap in Field of Study Aspirations? Evidence from Randomized Controlled Trial
Janina Beckmann, Lukas Fervers

The Effect of Student Cadre on College Students Development in China
Panpan Yao

Higher Education Under Occupation: Exploring Teaching and Learning Regimes in a Palestinian University
Vesna Holubek, PauliinaAlenius, Nazmi Al-Masri, Vesa Korhonen

Higher Education in Single-Industry Towns: Experience of an Expedition as a Research Tool
Ksenia Romanenko, Ekaterina Shibanova


4:15 pm

Coffee Break and Poster Session

Chair: Isabel Steinhardt

Seminar Room 0005,

Georg-Forster-Straße 4


  • Is There a Consensus on Key Journals in the Field of Higher Education?
    Stanislav Avdeev, Andrey Lovakov, Maria Yudkevich
  • Gendered Boundaries: The Relationship between Friendship Networks and the Gender Gap in Career Preferences
    Janina Beckmann
  • Know-Best: Partnerships in Knowledge Production – Beliefs, Strategies and Tensions
    Teresa Carvalho, Maria J. Rosa, Ana I. Melo, Anabela Queiroz, Carlos Rodrigues, Hugo Figueiredo, Maria João Manatos, Pedro Nuno Teixeira, Ricardo Biscaia, Rui Mendes, Sara Diogo
  • The Relationship between Institutional Strategy and Undergraduate Teaching in World-Class Universities
    Kaiyun Feng
  • Teaching Development in Higher Education
    Sophie Galeski, Steffen Brand, Edith Braun
  • The Effect of College Dropout on Labor Market Outcomes in Germany
    Julia Heigle
  • Step by Step or All at Once? Multiple Changes in Status-Configurations among Credit and Degree Mobile Students from Luxembourg
    Emilia Kmiotek-Meier
  • A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Academic Work Values
    Ai Tam Le
  • Integrating Established Models of Student Persistence to Create a Comprehensive Process Model of Successful Study Entrance
    Pascale Stephanie Petri
  • The Experiences of Postdocs with Invisible Disabilities at German Universities – A Qualitative Research Approach
    Marco Miguel Valero Sanchez
  • BibliometricAnalysis of Higher Education Research in China since the Reform and Opening-Up – Taking the Reprinted Papers in Xinhua Digest as an Example
    Ying Zhu

5:00 pm

Organization and Neo-Institutionalism


Organization of Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education Reform in Different National Contexts

Returns of Education


Chair: Emma Sabzalieva

Chair: Don F. Westerheijden

Chair: Bernd Kleimann

Chair: Gaële Goastellec

Chair: Shweta Mishra

Conceptualizing Organizational Coupling
Mari Elken

Development of an Instrument to Evaluate Research Agendas Across all Fields of Science
Joāo M. Santos, Hugo Horta

Towards Theory Formation about Faculties Using a Contingency Approach
Ilse Hagerer

Influence of Scientific Advice to Design and Implementation of Higher Education Reform in Italy
Lucio Morettini, Emanuela Reale

Do Foreign Language Skills Pay off in the Russian Labor Market?
Ksenia Rozhkova, Sergey Roshchin

Higher Education in World Society: Combining Neo-Institutionalism and Social Systems Theory
Thomas Pfeffer

A Research on Theory Construction and Evaluating of Graduates High-Quality Employment
Runze Liu, Miaomiao Yu, Wenjing Yuan, Shuyi Shen, Yonghong Ma, Yanhua Bao

The Unintentional Janus Face of Higher Education Institutions – Contrasting Manifest and Latent Messages in Institutional Strategy Documents
Oliver Vettori, Johanna Warm

Tuition Fees as a Policy Instrument – The Introduction of Tuition Fees in Sweden
Hans Lundin, Lars Geschwind

Influencing Factors of Chinese Academic Doctoral Students' Innovation Ability within Different Training Models
Yumeng Yang, Wei Sun, Pengyu Zhu, Yonghong Ma, Yanhua Bao

Why Have Universities Had a Limited Contribution to Social Innovation? An Institutional Logics Perspective
Ridvan Cinar, Paul Benneworth

Organizational Chart Analysis: A Methodological Framework
Michael Borggräfe

Introduction of Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education: You Win a Few, You Lose a Few
Ekaterina Abalmasova, Ekaterina Shibanova, Aleksei Egorov


The Determinants of Expected Returns from Higher Education in Russia: Human Capital Theory Perspective
Ilya Prakhov

7:00 pm

Conference Dinner

Alte Brüderkirche, Renthof 3, Kassel

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Wednesday / Thursday (click to jump to the program of the day)

9:00 am

Keynote Speech

Methodological Progress in Higher Education Research?

Jeroen Huisman

Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18

10:00 amCoffee BreakSeminar Room 0005,
Georg-Forster-Straße 4


Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

Lecture Hall 5

Arnold-Bode-Straße 12

Seminar Room 1004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Seminar Room 2004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4

Seminar Room 3004

Georg-Forster-Straße 4


Theoretical Perspectives

Methodological Perspectives

Nexus of Theories and Methods

Open Track I

Open Track II

10:30 am

Roles and Activities in Academia

Diversity of Methods

Internationalization of Higher Education

Academics: Roles, Expectations, and Satisfaction


Chair: Maria Yudkevich

Chair: Mari Elken

Chair: Christian Schneijderberg

Chair: Heather Eggins

Chair: Emanuela Reale

Diversity-Managment Strategies of Universities and Colleges in Germany – Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Findings
Elke Wild, Markus Rump, Pia Simone Brocke

Potential and Unique Incremental Value of Multilevel Modelling and Signal Detection Theory Methodologies in Analysis of Determinants of Graduate Academic Achievements and Failure at Research Master's Programmes
Anastasia Kurysheva

How Does Transformative Learning Happen: A Mixed Research on International Students' Learning Experience in Chinese Universities
Lan Yu

Backgrounds and Resources of Finnish Doctoral Students
Hanna Nori, Arto Pauli Johannes Jauhiainen

Researching Gender Inequality in Portuguese Higher Education; Some Methodological Challenges
Rosemary Deem, Maria de Lourdes Machado-Taylor

The Hybrid Academic Profession: Professional, Managerial and Entrepreneurial Roles Combined
Taru Siekkinen

Potentials and Challenges of Administrative Data for Event History Analysis of Completion and Dropout
Bianca Thaler

Rationalization or Diversity? The Worldwide Diffusion of Teaching Evaluations
Pedro Pineda

Determinants of Personal and Professional Satisfaction with Doctoral Supervision. A Study of Two Flagship East Asian Universities
Hugo Duarte Horta, Marco Seeber

Decolonising Higher Education: Perspectives from Recent Literature
Addisalem Tebikew Yallew

Vignette Method in Qualitative Higher Education Research
Terhi Nokkala, Henna Juusola, Lisa Jasinski

Four Isms and Higher Education Research
Maria Amélia Veiga, António Magalhães

Moving Abroad While Doing a PhD in STEM Fields at Chinese Universities: Impact on Knowledge Creation and Networking
Mattia Cattaneo, Hugo Duarte Horta, Sebastian Birolini, Stefano Paleari, Wenqin Shen

Redefining the Impact-Factor: Female Scholars Who Practice Public Academy and Social Activism
Smadar Noy, Gabriela Kashy-Rosenbaum, Inbal Ester Cicurel

Altbach in India: Revisiting Altbach’s Theory of Student Activism in Light of New Research on Contemporary Student Politics in the Global South
Thierry M. Luescher, Jean-Thomas Martelli

12:15 pm

Closing of the Conference and Farewell

Lecture Hall 6, Campus Center,

Moritzstraße 18

until 2:15 pm

Possibility to go to Lunch

Canteen (Mensa), Arnold-Bode-Straße/At the corner of Moritzstraße