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Seminar on Materials Processing

Professor Florian Baron offers the seminar "Materials processing with ultrashort pulsed lasers" for advanced bachelor and master students of FB15 (and others, see below). The course provides an introduction to lasers in general, the generation of pulsed lasers, their interaction with matter and applications in various fields. Designed as a seminar, the content will be tailored to the interests and research areas of the participants.

If you are a student of physics or nanostructure science and interested in the possibility of having this course credited, please contact us.

This is an image of a flow chart of the lecture content. The flow chart is divided into four main sections: Introduction, Lasers and Optics, Materials, and Applications. The lecture starts with "Laser Safety". The second section includes "Laser: General Concepts" with the subtopics laser generation principles, types of lasers, and laser beam spatial distribution, and "Short pulse generation" with the subtopics solid-state lasers, fiber lasers, and diode lasers. The Materials section covers "Optical Damage in Materials" with the subtopics of linear and nonlinear absorption, metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, and complex materials such as alloys and ceramics. The Applications section has three subsections: Optics, Medical, and Electronics. The flowchart is color-coded with blue, green, and red lines connecting the different sections and subsections.Image: C. Baron
Outline of the seminar "Materials processing with ultrashort pulsed lasers".


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