Open projects for students

For interested students from the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Physics, we constantly offer current research-relevant topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses. In our cooperative working group, we carry out material processing in the femtosecond laser laboratories of the Experimental Physics working group "Femto­second Spec­trosc­opy and Ultrafast Laser Control", as well as with other pulsed lasers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The preparation of our materials is carried out at the Institute of Materials Engineering and the subsequent analysis of the processed samples using techniques such as optical microscopy (OM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) or scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is distributed among all our affiliated working groups.

Below you will find some project suggestions, but we are of course open to discussing other topics. Feel free to drop by and find out more without obligation. We take time for you!

For doctoral theses, we offer the possibility of a doctorate in mechanical engineering (FB 15) and a doctorate in physics (FB 10). Please contact us or take a look at the vacancies.

Prof. Dr. Camilo Florian Baron

Symbolic image for research in material processing. This photo shows a section of a microscope. In the center is a transparent glass slide on a black platform. Above it is a silver microscope objective pointed at the slide. A hand protrudes into the picture from the left. The hand can be turned in one movement around the turret of the microscope, which contains a black tube in addition to the silver objective.Image: Exp 3


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