Sorption Topics

We are permanently looking for motivated students who have a great interest in our topics and the ability to work independently. Topics after consultation!


The sorption group of the Department of Solar and Systems Engineering conducts research on innovative absorption and adsorption systems for air conditioning.

In our current projects, for example, a liquid sorption system for air dehumidification is being extensively investigated in the laboratory as well as measured in field tests in continuous operation at a gas pressure control system. In addition, energy efficiency measures for ice halls are being developed on the basis of measurements and simulation studies.

We are permanently looking for motivated students who have a great interest in our topics and the ability to work independently.


What we offer

Exciting tasks from ongoing research projects that will advance us and you and whose results will not end up in a drawer. Early involvement in the field is often the ideal introduction to later work in research.


Task areas

  • Simulation studies with TRNSYS
  • Support in the construction of test rigs
  • Carrying out measurements in the laboratory
  • Evaluation and visualization of measurement data
  • Support with research work

Topics are assigned taking into account the students' areas of interest and qualifications. Students can also contribute their own ideas when formulating the task and the concrete work packages. Here are some exemplary topics of the last years to give an overview of the range of tasks:

Examples of past final projects:

Experimental work:

  • Experimental characterization of heat and mass transfer between moist air and a sorbent film.
  • Characterization of the flow entrainment in an open sorption process
  • Characterization of suitable absorber plate materials with respect to their wetting behavior with hygroscopic liquids
  • Experimental investigation of a liquid sorption system for air dehumidification

Conceptual work and simulation studies:

  • Comparison of different dehumidification technologies as well as determination of energy saving potentials for the ice rink in Kassel.
  • Energy saving potential in gas pressure control systems by means of air dehumidification by an open absorption process
  • Simulation study on the design and operating behavior of liquid sorption systems



Basic technical understanding, independent working style, interest in complex problems, knowledge of thermodynamics and heat transfer (desirable), knowledge of simulation programs (desirable), knowledge of programming languages especially Python (desirable).


Scope of HiWi position

Between 10 and 40 hours per month


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Dr. Daniel Fleig (Leader Sorption)

Kurt-Wolters-Str. 3
34125 Kassel
Ingenieurwissenschaften I, 3206