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We do research, teach, and inform policy and society in the fields of environmental and behavioral economics. See here for more information about our research.


From the left: Sven Christens, Philipp Händel, Elina Khachatryan, Sonja Zitzelsberger, Astrid Dannenberg, Marcel Lumkowsky, Christiane Großberndt


Astrid Dannenberg Appointed Visiting Professor

The University of Gothenburg in Sweden has appointed Astrid Dannenberg as a Visiting Professor for a three-year period from 1st January 2020 until 31st December 2022. During this time she is affiliated with the Department of Economics.

Sven Christens visits Oregon State University

Sven Christens is visiting the Water Conflict Management Program at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (Oregon State University) for a research stay under the supervision of Prof. Ph.D. Aaron Wolf. He is staying in Oregon from 12 September to 22 November 2019.

New Publications

The choice of institutions to solve cooperation problems: a survey of experimental research

Astrid Dannenberg and Carlo Gallier

Experimental Economics (2019)

Full text

Climate experts’ views on geoengineering depend on their beliefs about climate change impacts

Astrid Dannenberg and Sonja Zitzelsberger

Nature Climate Change (2019) 9(10), 769-775

Full text

Identification of individuals and groups in a public goods experiment

Sven Christens, Astrid Dannenberg, and Florian Sachs

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (2019) 82

Full text

Voting on the Threat of Exclusion in a Public Goods Experiment

Astrid Dannenberg, Corina Haita-Falah, and Sonja Zitzelsberger

Experimental Economics (2019)

Full text