D. Groß and O. Stursberg, “Distributed Predictive Control of Communicating and Constrained Systems,” ZAMM, vol. 94, no. 4, pp. 303–316, 2014.



This paper proposes a strategy for distributed model predictive control for linear time invariant systems coupled via a common cost function and constraints. Each subsystem solves a local robust model predictive control (RMPC) problem which considers uncertain predictions received from other subsystems. In the chosen communication scheme, subsystems exchange information about optimized local trajectories and time-varying disturbances sets obtained from the local RMPC. The latter optimizes over feedback policies based on a cost function motivated by min-max approaches and can be implemented as a single tractable quadratic program. Under some assumptions, the proposed scheme remains feasible even in the presence of delays and packet loss. Simulation results for a platoon of autonomous vehicles in a leader-follower scenario illustrate the approach.



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