H. Ding, G. Reißig, and O. Stursberg, “Increasing Efficiency of Optimization-based Path Planning for Robotic Manipulators,” in 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, IEEE, Ed. Orlando, FL, USA: IEEE, 2011, pp. 1399–1404.



Path planning for robotic manipulators interacting with obstacles is considered, where an end-effector is to be driven to a goal region in minimum time, collisions are to be avoided, and kinematic and dynamic constraints are to be obeyed. The obstacles can be time-varying in their positions, but the positions should be known or estimated over the prediction horizon for planning the path. This non-convex optimization problem can be approximated by Mixed Integer Programs (MIPs), which usually leads to a large number of binary variables, and hence, to inacceptable computational time for the planning. In this paper, we present a geometric result whose application drastically reduces the number of binary decision variables in the aforementioned MIPs for 3D motion planning problems. This leads to a reduction in computational time, which is demonstrated for different scenarios.



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