H. Ding, G. Schnattinger, B. Passenberg, and O. Stursberg, “Improving Motion of Robotic Manipulators by an Embedded Optimizer,” in Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 2010 IEEE Conference on, IEEE, Ed. Toronto, ON, Canada: IEEE, 2010, pp. 204–209.


A control scheme for efficient and safe path and motion planning of industrial robots is proposed. For motion planning of robotic manipulators, an offline method is developed which generates feasible trajectories of the joints such that a given performance criterion is maximized. The planning problem considering obstacle avoidance is converted to an optimization problem with interior points for the joint angles to guide the trajectory away from obstacles. The interior points are generated from an approach of rapidly exploring random trees (RRTs) in the configuration and time space. The method is applied to a 3-DOF-robot with known dynamic moving obstacles and evaluated afterwards. Online motion generation of industrial robots is then discussed for a human robot interaction scenario.



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