H. Ding, K. Wijaya, G. Reißig, and O. Stursberg, “Online Computation of Safety-Relevant Regions for Human Robot Interaction,” in 43rd Int. Symposium on Robotics, ., Ed. 2012, p. .



For the purpose of robot motion planning in human robot interaction, the efficient and accurate prediction of safety-relevant regions that are possibly occupied by the human within the planning horizon is a necessity. The probabilistic framework of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) has been proposed to account for the nondeterminism in human motion. Such models often lead to sufficiently accurate predictions if the human motion follows one of a finite set of known motion patterns. But the HMMs need to be continuously updated during use in order to cope with new patterns. Existing update methods require any newly observed motion pattern to be completed before it can be used for prediction. In this paper, the latter problem is avoided by employing a combination of HMM based prediction with information obtained from reachability analysis based on dynamic limits of human motion. The method has been successfully implemented to predict the motion of a human hand online.



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