H. Mangesius, M. Sobotka, and O. Stursberg, “Solution of a Multi-Agent Transport Problem by Hybrid Optimization,” in 10th Int. Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, ., Ed. IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 2010, pp. 432–437.



As reported in earlier work, methods for hybrid optimal control can be used for optimal path planning of multi-agent systems. This paper considers a multi-vehicle transport scenario in which a hybrid model is used to represent the continuous dynamics of the vehicle motion and the dynamics arising from the docking-events between vehicles and a transported object. The decisions on the vehicles’ heading and speed as well as on the docking sequence are strongly coupled and require a tailored numeric solution. The paper proposes a hierarchical solution strategy with three layers: on the upper layer a discrete event sequencing problem is solved, the middle layer determines docking positions and times, and the lower layer provides optimal vehicle paths. By a combination of graph search and embedded continuous optimal control, the efficiency of obtaining (sub-)optimal solutions is improved. The algorithm is illustrated by a scenario in which three vehicles transport one object.



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