J. Eilbrecht and O. Stursberg, “Auction-based Cooperation of Autonomous Vehicles using Mixed-Integer Planning,” in AAET Symposium, ITS Nord e.V., Ed. Braunschweig: AAET Symposium, 2017, pp. 267–287.



In this paper, a modification to the path-planning layer of a previously presented hierarchical, auction-based solution approach to the problem of multi-vehicle conflict resolution is presented. For each vehicle affected by a conflict situation, a path is computed in a model predictive control (MPC) framework, in which obstacle avoidance is formulated using logical conditions, leading to a mixed-integer quadratic program (MIQP). Coordination of the vehicles' plans is achieved by assigning each single plan a cost value, based on which an auction establishes a hierarchy among the vehicles according to which these have to regard each other's actions. The approach is applied to two example problems: planning for three vehicles on a two-lane road requiring overtaking, and planning for four vehicles at an intersection.



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