J. Hahn and O. Stursberg: "Uncertain AoI in stochastic optimal control of constrained LTI systems". In: at – Automatisierungstechnik, Vol. 70(4), 2022.



This paper addresses finite-time horizon optimal control of control structures with shared communication network. To cope with the uncertainties, induced by network imperfections and exogenous disturbances at the same time, an optimization-based control scheme is proposed. It uses a disturbance feedback and the Age of Information (AoI), a receiver-based measure of communication delays, as central aspects. The disturbance feedback is an extension of the control law used for balanced stochastic optimal control. Balanced optimality is understood as a compromise between minimizing expected deviations from the reference and the minimization of the uncertainty of future states. Time-varying state constraints as well as time-invariant input constraints are considered, and the controllers are synthesized by semi-definite programming.



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