K. Schaab, J. Hahn, M. Wolkov, and O. Stursberg, “Robust Control for Voltage and Transient Stability of Power Grids Relying on Wind Power,” Control Engineering Practice, vol. 60, pp. 7–17, 2017.



Common practice in stabilization of power grids is to refer to different stability categories (transient stability, voltage stability, rotor angle stability) and to address these by designing dedicated controllers separately based on models linearized around nominal operation points. Furthermore, the controllers of a generating unit contained in the grid are usually synthesized without considering other grid nodes. This work, in contrast, proposes a scheme for unified synthesis of controllers which conjunctively address rotor angle stability and voltage stability for grids containing synchronous generators as well as wind energy conversion systems based on doubly-fed induction generators. First, a procedure is proposed to describe the generating units by linear-parameter-varying (LPV) systems, in which fluctuations imposed by the grid or the wind are mapped into time-varying model parameters. For appropriate ranges of these parameters, decentralized robust controllers can be synthesized by semidefinite-programming, such that the power grid is stabilized for the considered fluctuations and disturbances. The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated for a multi-bus benchmark system, where the grid oscillations are well damped and the LPV-controller stabilizes the grid after permanent changes.



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