M. Jilg and O. Stursberg, “On the Computation of Local Quadratic Performance Indices for Hierarchically Interconnected Systems,” in 2014 European Control Conference (ECC 2014), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Ed. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2014, pp. 1574–1581.



In this paper, we present a method to compute approximations of local quadratic performance indices for hierarchically interconnected LTI subsystems with a global performance index. The presented method builds on previous work on a decomposition scheme for the design of distributed controllers with optimized H2 -performance and network topology. This decomposition method relies on the computation of local quadratic performance indices for each subsystem that reflect the change of the global performance for a change of the local controller parametrization. In the work on hand, we use ideas from moment-matching and least norm problems to obtain approximative local performance indices.



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