O. Stursberg, T. Paschedag, M. Rungger, and H. Ding, “Hierarchische Modellierung und Regelung hybrider Systeme auf zwei Ebenen,” at - Automatisierungstechnik, vol. 58, no. 8, p. 478, 2010.



While hybrid dynamic models are, to a certain degree, established for modeling systems with heterogeneous dynamics, most approaches for design and analysis of hybrid systems are restricted to monolithic models without hierarchy. This contribution first shows, how modular hybrid systems with two layers of decision, as appropriate for representing manufacturing systems for example, can be modeled systematically. The second part proposes a technique for fixing discrete inputs (for coordinating control) and continuous inputs (for embedded continuous controllers) in combination. The method uses a graph-based search on the upper decision layer, while principles of predictive control are used on the lower layer. The procedure of modeling and control is illustrated for a manufacturing process



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