Z. Liu, “Optimizing Control of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems. In: Kassel University Press, ISBN: 978-3-7376-0976-0 ,” 2021.



In this thesis, a set of modeling and control strategies are proposed for Cyber-physical systems (CPS), which aim at ensuring a safe, reliable, and highly performant operation of each local subsystem contained in the CPS. Modeling of CPS is challenging since not only must the tight interconnection of continuous and discrete dynamics of local subsystems be exactly represented, but so must also the interleaving structure between different subsystems. Optimal control of CPS, accordingly, should take into account not only the local mixed dynamics by local controller synthesis, but also the influence from other subsystems around.



  title={Optimizing Control of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems},
  author={Liu, Zonglin},
  publisher={kassel university press}