Current Research Topics

The following questions characterize the research topics currently addressed by the lab:

  • By which means can methods of optimal and predictive control be made applicable to systems and networks consisting of large sets of subsystems?
  • How to design schemes of cooperative control of autonomous cars (and other mobile vehicles) to exclude safety-critical situations as good as possible?
  • Which principles of stochastic control apply for systems with hybrid (continuous-discrete) dynamics, which interact with an uncertain environment?
  • To which degree can guarantees for robustness and stability be achieved for control systems which embed components of learning and artificial intelligence?
  • How to realize a co-design of algorithms for controlling distributed systems together with the information processing in communication networks?
  • To which extent can material properties be adjusted by intelligent process control for procedures of additive manufacturing (3D-printing)? 
  • How to uncover intrinsic feedback control loops of periodic behavior in biological system by methods of system theory?
  • Which system- and control-theoretic principles and approach can help in diminishing the Corona/Covid pandemic?