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Preparation of the seminar presentation

In the Moodle course for the seminar, you will find a set of slides in the working materials with tips on how to avoid bad slide sets.

Don't use too many animations and check that your slides will display correctly on another computer (fonts and formatting/element order are notorious problem candidates).

The easiest option is to convert the slides to a PDF file.

Don't forget to include the sources for your images on the slides (by the image), if necessary as a short note or reference in the bibliography or image credits.

Preparation of the elaboration

In the elaboration, you should document the content background of your slide presentation. This includes a definition or description of your topic and the technology behind it, an analysis of the effects (opportunities and risks) of its use and further development, and an assessment of the situation and (expected) future. 

An important aspect overall is certainly a clear and concise presentation of your arguments and a differentiation of facts and opinions. Support your statements with literature references.

The elaboration should be isolated readable and understandable and completely stake out your work. Use an appropriate writing style, colloquial expressions and idioms are out of place!

Please pay special attention to the fact that your elaboration meets the usual requirements of a professional text, this includes:

  • Spelling,
  • grammar and sentence structure,
  • Commas.

As in any German essay, everything should be correct!

Do not use the "I" form when writing!


The elaboration should be made with a professional text typesetting system (e.g. LaTeX) and should not exceed 8 pages. As a document template you can use the LaTeX style "article".

A suggestion for structuring the content can be found e.g. in Wikipedia (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technikfolgenabschätzung).

The paper has to be written independently, has to be provided with the references used in the form of a bibliography and should generally comply with the principles of good scientific practice (a description of the German University Association can be found in the working materials in Moodle). 

In this context, please remember that the text must be formulated by you and not be a compilation of (reformulated) sources. Please also keep in mind that in general internet references are not reliable sources and therefore single web pages should not support large parts of your work or it should not be based on one or a few dubious internet pages (this includes Wikipedia!).


The elaboration must be submitted by e-mail. The file format must be PDF, other file types, especially .doc or .docx are not accepted. However, you are welcome to attach your source files additionally. Please use the words Submission , Elaboration, and TFA in the subject of the submission email to help us match the emails.