Function overview and operating instructions

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Installing and launching the LVUmfrage app

The app can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store under the name LVUmfrage der Uni Kassel.

For Android users: LVUmfrage  (Link to Google Play Store, App free of charge) 

For iOS users: LVUmfrage (link to App Store, App<x-cl> kostenlos)</x-cl>

Please install the app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and launch it. The app will first ask you to authenticate yourself to ITS. To do this, use your full ITS account (including the part after the @ sign, example: A hash value will be created and stored from your successful login, your password willnot be stored   . The hash value will be sent along with your subsequent submissions, but stored separately from them, so your answers  cannot be associated with your hash value. 

From now on, you can use the app for surveys.

You can reset your login data later in the settings of LVUmfrage (app settings of iOS). 

In addition, you can set the access of the app to the camera (scanning of QR codes) and the mobile data transfer (loading and sending surveys without WLAN connection) . Allowing mobile data transfer may incur costs depending on your mobile phone contract. Instead, make sure you have an active WLAN connection.

List view of the app

After starting the app, a list view appears with the already existing surveys, sorted by semester. For each survey, the status is displayed via icons in the right margin . Individual surveys from the list can be deleted. 

To delete, the button "Edit"  has to be pressed and the respective entry has to be selected. Alternatively, a left swipe can be performed in the list above an entry to be deleted . The delete button removes the survey from the list, the corresponding record is deleted from the device.

Download a new survey

Via the plus button on the top right the code for a new survey can be entered. Two alternatives are available for this: Entering a 6-digit code or scanning the associated QR code using the camera.

The selection is made via a dialog. The code can then be entered via another dialog. If the QR code option is selected, a code can be read in using the camera.

The new survey appears in the list with a "> " icon on the right margin and can now be filled out.

Filling out a survey

After selecting a new or not yet submitted survey, an overview of the question categories is displayed first. The entry Overview contains general information, the entry Submission contains the button to submit or to submit the answers.

The remaining entries are survey-dependent. A blue dot on the right side indicates that no question has been answered in this question category yet.

All questions are assigned to a question category (section) , with the list entry you can jump to the beginning of the relevant section. All questions of the section are then below each other on one page and can be reached by scrolling (up/down swipe). The different sections are located on adjacent pages. You can switch between the sections or display pages   either via the higher-level category list (tap the list element or "Back" button at the top left in a section) or via a right/left swipe.

In the lower part of the view the current position within the page list is displayed:

Response types

The app provides different answer types, which differ in their presentation and operation.

Multiple choice question with one or more answer options (MC or radio):

Evaluation question with 5 options:

Selection from an enumeration of options (picker):

Free text response: The field is first tapped, then a view for entering text appears, which can be exited with "Done) (top left):

Submitting a survey

Once all entries have been made as required, the survey can be submitted using the button "Submit evaluation data"  on the last page ("Submit") . Submission is only possible once per survey and per person.

For submitted surveys, an overview of the survey results can be accessed. This is represented in the list overview by the symbol of a bar graph on the right edge . If this graphic is blue, the survey is still active and updates can be retrieved, otherwise it is gray.

View survey results

Once the survey has been submitted, the result can be viewed. For this purpose, the list entry of the survey must be selected. An overview of the sections appears again, which can be used to navigate between and below the answers, as when filling in the answers. The button "Back" in the upper left corner leads back to the section overview of the survey results.

In the display of the answers, the bars that were entered as own answers are highlighted in color.

The refresh button can also be used later to request an update to the current submission status of the survey. This way the current response statistics can be updated.

Notice: Since the evaluation of courses involves personal data regarding the lecturer, the possibility for the lecturer to object to the publication of this data must be provided for data protection reasons. In this case, a dummy result is currently sent back to the app from the server , in which all answers appear equally evaluated. This is not a programming error.