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At our department, a software system has been developed with which surveys can be conducted online. This is intended to electronically collect feedback   for the improvement of courses and the study programs.  The software is suitable both for the lecture survey that takes place every semester and for e.g. weekly short surveys. From the winter semester 2014/15, the lecture evaluation survey is to be conducted online with it .

The prerequisite for participation is the use of a smartphone or tablet computer running Android or iOS. Alternatively, a web interface can be used (web browser).

All participating students can install the app on their mobile device or visit the corresponding website (see link below).

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at the following address: lvumfrage[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

The apps for the survey

The right app for your device is available here:

For Android users: LVUmfrage (link to Google Play Store, app free of charge)

For iOS users: LVUmfrage (link to App Store, app free)

Please install the app on your device and read our privacy notice at the bottom of this page.

The web interface to the survey

The web interface for participation via web browser can be reached at this address (please log in with your student account, submissions are always anonymous):

Please enter the code of your respective survey at the beginning. Here you can also view the statistics (also of already completed surveys) by entering the corresponding code ("Statistics" button).

Function overview

The app downloads prepared surveys from our server. To do this, you can scan a QR code or enter a 6-digit code. The questions (if necessary divided into groups on several pages) and can now be answered. As soon as you submit your answers (button on the last page) your input will be included in the survey and you will get the current intermediate result back for viewing (survey overview). You can update the intermediate result at any time. You cannot participate in the survey again.

Use of data and data protection

The surveys (data set with questionnaire) are loaded from a server at the University of Kassel. The answers sent by the apps are uploaded back to this server and stored there. No personal data is collected during these processes or stored .

To organize the surveys (authorized participation, prevention of multiple participation), you must log in with your ITS account ("student account"). From your registration, a hash value will be generated to be attached to your submissions. The hash value is stored separately from your submission so that your submission cannot be associated with you. The hash value can be used to ensure that multiple submissions cannot be made per survey.

To optimize the software, the app ID (iOS) or the device ID (Android) is stored, as well as data on the operating system you are using (OS version) and the screen resolution. This data is used exclusively to analyze and improve our software and cannot be associated with you.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not install the apps or participate in surveys.

This description was last modified on January 18, 2015. We would appreciate any suggestions on how to make it easier to understand or explain further details.