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The electronic course survey

This semester, the lecture survey will take place online and live with a software developed here.

In every lecture a code is handed out for this purpose, with which you can participate in the survey in your smartphone app or the web interface immediately or later .

For this, the following steps are already necessary beforehand:

  1. Installing the smartphone app (a, b) or remembering the web link to the web interface (c):
    1. The app for Android is available here: LVSurvey for Android
    2. The app for iOS is available here: LVSurvey for iOS
    3. The web interface can be found here: Survey WebApp (please save as bookmark)
  2. Accessing for the first time:
    1. Smartphone app: you need to log in to ITS with your student account once 
    2. Web app: you must log in to ITS each time.
    3. Your submissions are always anonymous!
  3. From now on you can use the app or the web interface anytime.

A short description of the smartphone apps can be found here: Instruction

Please participate intensively in all surveys!

Participation in a survey

To participate in a survey, you will receive a code consisting of 6 letters or digits. You can enter the code in the smartphone apps after tapping "+" or after logging into the web interface . The survey will then be loaded and can be completed.

On the smartphones, there is also the additional option of reading in a survey as a QR code (the QR image encodes the 6 code digits).

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Start the app or log in to the web interface.
  2. Entering the 6-digit code or scanning the QR code
  3. Downloading the questionnaire (automatically)
  4. Fill in the answers:
    1. In the web interface by clicking on "Start survey" 
    2. On the smartphone by tapping the survey entry in the list
    3. Answer questions as far as desired
  5. Submitting the answers: "Submit evaluation data".
    1. Text/button in the smartphone app (last swipe page)
    2. Button at the end of the total question list in the web interface
  6. Optional: view intermediate results
  7. Refreshing the results display:
    1. Reload button in the smartphone app (button at the top right of the survey ↻)
    2. Re-entering the survey number and clicking on "Statistics