Distribution Network Planning

The Distribution Network Planning Group answers scientific and application-related questions on the design of energy infrastructures in distribution networks. This includes electricity, gas and heating network infrastructures. The electrification of the sectors heating with heat pumps and mobility with electric vehicles leads to new challenges for the design of future distribution grids in addition to the decentralized generation plants with renewable energies. How these infrastructures have to develop in a technically and economically optimal way in the course of the energy touraround is the core topic of this group.


  • Engineering-based planning system considerations
  • Modeling of electricity, gas and heating grid infrastructures
  • Grid expansion optimization with heuristic and mathematical optimization methods
  • Methods for network design (simultaneities, time series, probabilistics)
  • Reliability and resilience evaluation in distribution grids
  • Open source tool for power system calculation: www.pandapower.org
  • Open source tool for fluid system calculation: www.pandapipes.org
  • Sector coupling electricity - heat - mobility