Network Dynamics

Many processes in electrical networks occur on comparatively short time scales. Investigating the behavior of grids, including electrical, electronic and electromechanical loads and generators, identifying challenges and developing solutions is the task of the Network Dynamics group.

The transformation of the electric power system from one dominated by directly coupled electric machines to a more diverse system in which increasingly power-electronically connected generators and loads determine system behavior is a challenge.

In particular, we investigate the response to events such as sudden load and generation changes, outages, and short circuits. The spectrum ranges from normal operation to disturbed operating states to power system restoration after a black-out.

We develop control concepts for inverter-coupled systems that provide grid-stabilizing functions, looking in particular at their specific capabilities and limitations as well as economic aspects.


  • Inverter control
  • Grid forming control
  • Instantaneous reserve
  • Frequency stability
  • Voltage stability
  • Power system restoration
  • Transient stability
  • Small signal stability/Harmonic stability